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Broken Roman floor tiles.

We unearthed these floor tiles, you can see they have been broken, there’s also evidence of burning on the floor. As the discolouration is not widespread we believe it’s from the demolition period. If you’d like to see more of our exhibits please go to the Finds section.


Possibly hypocaust or a drain.

This conduit may be part of a hypocaust or a drain; we will have to extend the trench to find out which. It’s really interesting to find evidence of Roman life on site, be it architectural, animal or human.

We enjoy putting our detective hats on, collecting research, and making an analysis. You can find out more about Roman life in our education section.


Some of the team discussing their finds for the day.

Digging is a social experience! Discussions about finds or how to proceed are common and involve everyone. You never know if that sherd of pottery, or that Roman coin will lead us to the next stage of the dig… We do accept volunteers on site, and we follow strict Covid regulations. If you are interested in visiting or taking part please see our Join Us! page, where you can also find our contact details.